MHIS provides a supportive and nurturing environment for active learners. Students grow in self-confidence, respect for others, and their surroundings. We establisha creative methods to teach readiness skills in various aspects of development. Integrated themes and sub-themes are delivered through the Beyond Centre and Circle Time (BCCT) method.

Our playgroup program creatively teaches readiness skills in moral and religious, language, cognitive, physical-motor, and artistic development. Learning is delivered through integrated themes with a play method approach.

In Kindergarten, students continue to build on their readiness skills and move towards a full curriculum. Moral and religious, language, cognitive, physical-motor, and artistic development are emphasized. Learning is delivered with joy, hands-on activities, and multiliteracy approaches.

Learning aspects of this development are also developed through activities in 7 centres:

Imtaq Centre

The Imtaq Centre is a dedicated space where students learn about the concepts of Al-Qur’an and Hadith, as well as Islamic values. It serves as a center for nurturing and deepening students’ understanding of Islamic teachings

Readiness Centre

The Readiness Centre is a vibrant space where students embark on an enjoyable journey of reading and writing. It serves as a hub for students to explore thematic knowledge, develop ideas, and strengthen their language skills.

Block Centre

The Block Centre at MHIS is an interactive space where students engage in open-ended play and exploration with blocks. This dedicated centre provides opportunities for students to develop critical thinking skills, spatial awareness, creativity, and problem-solving abilities.

Macro Dramatic Play Centre

a dynamic space where students engage in interactive and imaginative play, promoting interaction, socialization, creativity, and language development. Through role-playing activities, students actively interact and collaborate with their peers, honing their social skills and fostering a sense of community.

Messy Play Centre

The Messy Play Centre is an engaging space where students explore sensorimotor activities, develop self-control, and delve into scientific concepts. Through hands-on sensory experiences, students enhance their fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and engage their senses.

Art Centre

The Art Centre is a vibrant space where students embark on a creative journey, developing their creativity, and exploring the world of colors. Through various art forms, such as drawing and painting students are encouraged to think creatively, experiment with different materials and express themselves artistically.

Music and Movement Centre

The Music and Movement Centre is a dynamic space where students learn rhythm, improve balance, and enhance gross motor skills. Through engaging activities like singing, dancing, and playing instruments, students develop a sense of rhythm and express themselves creatively.