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MUTIARA HARAPAN ISLAMIC SCHOOL (MHIS) is a private Islamic school, located in  South Tangerang, Indonesia. We are dedicated to nurturing our students with Islamic and innovative educational methods, while helping to mold them to be noble individuals spiritually, morally, and ethically, guiding them to academic excellence, and strong leadership abilities.

MHIS is a Cambridge International School since 2012, a leading Islamic school that combined national and international curriculum in South Tangerang. MHIS has become SPK (Satuan Pendidikan Kerjasama) previously known as ‘International School’ since January 2015 and has been accredited ‘A’ by the government. The School international environment is obvious from the presence of students and teachers from different nationalities interacting with one another in the spirit of Islamic unity.

Being an Islamic school means we emphasize an integrated and balanced student development – intellectual, spiritual, physical, emotional and social based on the Islamic values. This means spiritual and character education is regarded as equally important as Intellectual education.

Mutiara Harapan Islamic School offers an educational experience in which students will be encouraged to achieve to their best potential, not only in academic but also talents. Our students are guided to be confident, responsible, reflective, innovative, engaged and caring citizens of the future. MHIS provides Muslim children excellent quality education for their overall development. They are taught moral values, self-discipline, leadership and various skills to face the dynamic of local and global challenges and opportunities of life with care, confidence and commitment.

Superior quality teaching and excellent facilities at the school enhance the students’ striving for educational excellence. Teachers and staff are supported to develop professionally in excellent working environment in order to deliver the best quality education to students.

Mutiara Harapan Islamic School (MHIS) was founded in 2005, started with several Kindergarten and Primary students.

2008 – Become an Inclusive School

2010 – Open Junior High level

2012 – Primary level got accredited ‘A’ by Diknas

2012 – Become Cambridge International School (ID272)

2013 – Open Development Class to support our Inclusive pillar

2014 – Junior High level got accredited ‘A’ by Diknas

2015 – Received SPK license by Kemdikbud

2016 – Open Senior High level

2018 – Senior High level got accredited ‘A’ by Diknas

2018 – Open Kindergarten and Primary in Pangkal Pinang, Bangka

2019 – Primary and Junior High got SPK accredited ‘A’ by Ministry of Education and Culture

Mutiara Harapan Timeline

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