Development Class of Mutiara Harapan Islamic School believes that every student has a different way and time to learn something.  Development Class (DC) provide specialized education for students with various learning challenges in Primary and Junior High Level. Learning happens in small and safe groups and student receive intervention in 2 (two) units :

Learning Support Program. Learning Support Program is a program for students that can follow the National Curriculum but might have behavioral and social challenges or disability in physics. We adjust the methods to match the needs.

Functional Program. A functional program is those who need guidance and an Individual Educational Program (IEP) to develop their abilities and needs.

Development Class Program

  • Observation, Identification and Early Assessment Programs. This is a program to understand the strength and talent of students. It is important that we can support the students from the beginning. For this purpose, the team of experts (psychologist, doctor, therapist, pedagog) will conduct this program with the necessary tools.
  • Character Building Program Based on Islamic Values. Character Building program to ensure that our students become a good Moslem.
  • Skills Program. Skills program introduces students to age-appropriate information about personal and community health and well being that will help them lead happy, healthy lives and make positive contributions to their community from early childhood through adolescence and beyond.
  • Academic Program. The academic program in Development Class supports our students to the next level based on the National Curriculum (Kurikulum 2013). The academic program is in subjects like Islamic Studies, English, Bahasa Indonesia, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Civics, and Physical Education.

Development Class Intracurricular :

Character Building Based on Islamic Values :

Idul Adha

Ramadhan and Pesantren Ramadhan

Halal Bi Halal

Maulidur Rasul

Isra’ Mi’raj

Skills Program :

Character Daily Living Activities 


Art and Design



Events and Fair :

Field Study Integrated with Program

Islamic Fair

English Fair


Open Day

School Play 

Development Class Extracurricular :


Drawing / Manga