The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways” Robert Greene

Education and learning in our Development Class is aimed at everyone  who believes that children need skills and potential development. The Primary Development Class level focus on finding children’s talents and interests and the Junior High Development Class level focus on deepening the talents that have been discovered . Our aim is for our students to become  enthusiastic, self-driven learners who are able to take care of themselves independently and be active contributors in society based on their skills and passion.

The learning process in Development Class consists of 3 aspects:

  • Focusing on student’s strengths
  • Responding to their needs
  • Making meaningful process for their life

We identify and develop talent by incorporating the vocational curriculum in the daily learning process including:

  • Cooking
  • Art and Design
  • ICT
  • Music
  • Character Daily Living Activities
  • Life Skill Development
  • Physical Education

In addition to including the vocational curriculum, we also support students’ interests and talents with activities that involve experts such as:

  • Expert Visit in Art
  • Chef Visit
  • CDLA to our Friends House
  • Parents Visit to Our Kitchen
  • Field Study to boost skill

Students also develop their talents and interests after school hours on certain days on:

Student Excellence Program :

  • Primary
    • Tahfidz
    • Public Speaking
    • Art
    • Cooking
    • Public Speaking and Podcasting
  • Junior High
    • Tahfidz
    • Public Speaking
    • Art
    • Cooking
    • Public Speaking and Podcasting
    • ICT

Extracurricular Program :

  • Primary :
    • Swimming
    • Modern Dance
    • Robotic
    • Fun Art
  • Junior High :
    • Swimming
    • Korean Language
    • Japanese Language
    • Coding
    • Swimming

Apart from the above, our learning system accommodates every student’s strength and needs in an Islamic environment. Routine activities that support Islamic values ​​such as Daily BTQ & Zuhr Prayer, Weekly Murojaah & Dhuha Prayer, Monthly Khatmil Quran, and also some events such as Islamic Fair to display student work integrated with Islamic values, Maulidur Rasul as steps to follow the example of the Prophet, and Isra Miraj to learn about major events of Muslims.

All Development Class students also have the confidence and to convey their ideas in a typical environment. Several activities are designed for all students including through:

  • Art and Language Fair
  • Market Day
  • Inclusive Community Day
  • DC’s Got Talent
  • Voca Festival
  • Internship
  • Portfolio Exhibition