Qur’an recitation is a developing of Islamic program which build on a philosophy of education to reach student’s fullest religious potential, enabling them to attain success in this life and in the Hereafter through Qur’an as guidance. This program focused on learning the holy Qur’an and be able to recite it fluently according to tajweed rules.
Qur’an recitation class is conducted on Monday until Thursday. Students are classified according to their basic skills. Through reciting and being corrected under the supervision of teachers, our program guides students through every step of the Arabic alphabet and the correct pronunciation of each letter along with correct tajweed rules that will always be embedded into their recitation of the Qur’an.

We implement learning of reciting Qur’an as a continuous process so that all graduates are able to recite and seal the Qur’an. To make it happened Qur’an class falls into six levels; they are Pre Qur’an 1 until 4, Qur’an 1 and 2. Our objective is to make learning Qur’an as easy as possible for students.