DC Online Pesantren Ramadan

This year, Pesantren Ramadan was held in a different way. This was our first time implementing Online Pesantren Ramadan. For two days, our Teachers and Students from Development Class met virtually doing various activities, such as reciting Al Ikhlas, Al Falaq, and An Nass together, then dissecting Surah Al Ikhlas with Mr. Rasyid. They also showed their enthusiasm to win the prize by answering quiz. The next day, they start their activities in the afternoon; they count their piggy banks (from Prayers, Fasting & Zakat), our students share their fasting experiences during Ramadan, then iftar together virtually.

Conducting Pesantren Ramadan virtually is not an obstacle in getting closer to Allah SWT. Ramadan is a journey to build faith; multiply your worship and continue the good deeds.

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