Workshop of Teachers Community

The workshop in February closed with Workshop of Teachers Community 2020. The workshop, which was attended by nearly 70 teachers from various schools, was divided into 3 groups; Preschool, Primary and Secondary, with our teachers filling in as speakers. Mr. Jamaluddin in the Stadium Generale session. Preschool session speakers filled by Mr. Handoko and Ms. Rosy, then Ms. Maya and Ms. Nida. Primary session is filled by Mr. Safar and Mr. Firman, then Mr. Adit and Ms. Steff. For Secondary is filled by Ms. Dea and Mr. Jazzer, then Ms. Tatum and Ms. Aulia.

Our 4th WTC felt more special with the arrival of Drs. Taryono M.Sc as Head of the Department of Education and Culture in South Tangerang and Ms. Tati as our school Superintendent. Thank you very much pak Taryono and bu Tati for taking the time and appreciating our workshop.

The theme of this workshop is to focus on the Importance of Having 4C Skills. Some discussion topics in the class are values ​​or character formation, presentation skills for students, stimulating good reading habits as a basis for learning, class management, providing an environment for 4C, and how students including special needs students can benefit from the project.

We would like to thank all the teachers who came as participants and would like to learn more with us. Also, thank you to all committee and Miss Hana, as PIC of WTC 2020, for running this event successfully! Let’s always be ready to be a teacher who is always developing along with the passing of time!



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