We Are One: Bridging Disciplines and Promoting Interdisciplinary Research and Collaboration.

Research and Collaboration are the keywords for the Secondary’s STEM Fair. The students are divided into small groups to have their own research-based projects. There is different research, starting from making tempe from various types of beans, making lip balm, dissecting strawberry and banana, making alternative fuels, hydroponic, and others.

They are given months to conduct experiments, analyze data and synthesize research findings, make a report research findings in written and verbal forms, use research findings to advance education theory and practice, and in doing scientific investigations they have to integrate ICT and Mathematics. On Thursday, they defend their academic work in front of the panelists who are experts in Science, Mathematics, and ICT. Also in front of their parents.

You’ve worked so hard for this. We hope you feel proud of yourself and for your great collaboration with each other.
Congratulations on your research, students! Pile up all confidence in your ability to rise to your next challenge!









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