It’s Time for STEM to Move Towards a Greener Future!

The main theme of Primary STEM Fair: “It’s Time for STEM to Move Towards a Greener Future”

Each class has different goals related to Science and Mathematics for the STEM Fair. Starting from learning what is around, such as humans, animals, plants, water, weather, until something that is beyond our reach, such as exploring the solar system. For Mathematics, start from numbers; collecting, organizing and interpreting data; frequency tables, pictograms, until visualizing 3D shapes from 2D images and nets.

To test their knowledge, as well as sharpening their thinking skills, a quiz bee was held. Swipe left to see who is the winner for the quiz. On Friday, they also have a catwalk with DIY costumes made by each class. And all the materials are recyclable ones! A creative use, Students!

Exploring many things always brings so much joy, doesn’t it? We hope you can feel all the pride and happiness during the process.


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