Leadership Camp 2020

“Don’t wait for a Leader, be a Leader. Dream, Believe & Achieve.”
Our Secondary students, grade 7 until grade 11 just had Leadership Camp 2020 in school and the environment around the school. Starting at 6 am on Thursday, our students are ready to face all activities for 2 days.

Their first day was filled with scout activities, such as rigging, making stretchers. Then proceed with the leadership material as well as the MHSU material. Students are challenged by using newspapers as their creativity. After that, they were challenged in their teamwork in the water game. The night comes, it’s time for the bonfire!

The second day they started with Muhasabah, recite the Qur’an, and the Tahajud prayer. To arouse enthusiasm, we also do gymnastics together. After that, the students leave to go to the posts that have been prepared with certain themes.

The following are some pictures during the Leadership Camp 2020 yesterday. Thank you to the teachers who have dedicated their time to make this event a success. Thank you also for your enthusiasm during this event, students!

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