Business Plan Presentation

As an output for MHIS Lower Secondary Career Day, our G7 and G8 students presented their Business Plans. They answered the question, “How can we solve a particular social issue using technology?” In addition, the G9 students created their Ten-Year Career Plan.

Held on Tuesday (February 4), all G7 and G8 students gathered in the examination room. There were 3-panel members who judged the presentations, namely: Mr. Khaven, Mr. Raymond, and Mr. Jazzer (one of the PICs). Ms. Ina chose the best Ten-Year Career Plan. Ms. Audina (also a PIC) helped the program to be successful.

Here are the names of the awardees for the Business Plan Presentation:
1st place – Alivia Rizqia Nadira, Fatiha Nahla, Vania Putri Anniendra, Thariq Hanif Akhmadi, Alya Nabila Ghaniyy (Ki-Ball)
2nd place – Nabilla Nindra Alika, Zaskia Adhinia Kyra Ersa, Nirynda Aisya Mahmud, O.U Fatima Nakrachmatika Zahra (Generator Cycle)
3rd place- Jaezza Ikhsan, Anaya Uliratu Anargya Kesuma, Dominique Ashanty Wali, Ananda Nayla Fadiyah Supin, Gyan Ahmad Nurazizi (Paperavia)

Here are the names of the awardees for the 10-Year Career Plan:
1st place – Jasmine Iffah Afifah
2nd place – Eva Michelle Amelie Surjadi
3rd place – Farrel Bramantio Naulitua Pane

Congratulations to all the awardees! We hope you felt proud of yourselves. Stay confident and always be ready to face your next challenges!

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