ANPS Innovative School Program

On Saturday, January 18, Mutiara Harapan Islamic School held an ANPS Innovative School Program with a theme; understand how to develop a love for reading and develop a deeper understanding beyond memory and remembering.

The workshop which was attended by nearly 70 teachers from various schools was divided into 3 groups to attend 3 different sessions, with our teachers filling in as speakers. They succeeded to make all sessions very lively, engaging and informative.

The first material is the “Pendekatan Karya untuk Pendalaman Program Membaca” presented by Ms. Ira, Ms. Ina, and Ms. Ana. The speakers invited the teachers to make various creations from the same reading book. They are challenged to process the stories into songs, poems, pictures, alternative endings, and drama.

The second material is the “ Penerapan Mind Mapping dan Strategi Efektif untuk Menstimulasi Anak-anak Membaca” by Ms. Tanti, Mr. Iing, and Ms. Annika. In this topic, the teachers are asked to make a simple mind mapping related to the topic given by the speaker. Next, they were asked to display something from what we called the “Property Box”. It contains a variety of items related to storybooks, which each student will later use to role play about the items they have chosen.

The third material is “Tumbuhkan Minat Baca Anak dengan Read Aloud Technique” by Ms. Tatum, Ms. Ainun, and Mr. Firman. Our speakers share tips on attracting children to read, such as in the middle of a teacher’s reading, slipping questions related to the story, looking directly into each child’s eyes, and not focusing on the reading sheet (in other words, the teacher must understand well how the story is). We would like to thank all the teachers who came as participants and would like to learn more with us. Let’s always be a teacher who always feels hungry with knowledge!


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