READ Program – Secondary Grade 8

READ – Rural Empowerment and Development. A youth programme to help end rural poverty through entrepreneurship. This programme is founded by Mr. Adrian Soo. This annual programme gives youth a chance to innovate a business idea that will benefit rural areas which aim to cure poverty.

This year was our second time to join the READ program. We departed on January 8 and came back on January 13. The students prepared themselves passionately to learn new things and meet new friends from various countries. Such as Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Malaysia.

READ 2020 prepared the following activities: social interaction, rural school visitation, hydroponics system, vegetable farming, business plan presentation, and cultural exchange.

On the business plan presentation, our students were challenged to innovate a business proposal related to rural areas which help rural communities to produce income. Thus, there were 16 groups who participated from 6 different countries.

We are proud to announce that MHIS won the Business Plan Presentation! Shout out to Abin, Nayla, Aisya, Kia, & Audy (Group 1)! Congratulations on achieving the highest award! We also have another 5 groups who got an award, here are the awardees:
Gold: Arya, Ninda, Nahla, Fatih, Kanaya (Group 4): Mizard, Fardan, Nanda, Keca, and Nirynda (Group 5)
Silver: Uma, Shabrina, Fahri, Dimas, Kyra (Group 6)
Bronze: Ghaaffar, Aurel, Nasywa, Monique, Azra (Group 2): Ujel, Rania, Alya, Kalisya, Syaima (Group 3)

What impressive achievement students! You have made us all proud.

Saturday night Gala has come, it’s time for the Cultural Exchange Night. Thus, our students presented two traditional performances:
Sajojo and Saman.

Here are a few photographs from the exciting Grade 8 Thailand trip.

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