School Play: Aladdin in His Magical Adventure (‘Be Careful What You Wish For…’)

“All I know is I won’t go speechless..”

But we all go speechless after watching the School Play, students. We all do. This was because you play your role with determination, we can see it by the way you play and your feelings after the show is over.

Through this School Play, we hope our students are able to actively play different roles and act out different situations in a safe environment, building traits, and skills they can apply to the real world.

One thing we can take note from the performances was:

“We should not forget our parents, because no matter how far we reach, their love for us is always unconditional, and no other people can give that love to us.”

Thank you to all Parents for the love you always give, for always providing your best support, not only for our students but also for us, for our school. And also thanks to all the teams for making it happen. Thank you for giving us a really pleasant Saturday morning!

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