October’s Highlight

We would like to do a throwback to the various seminars, training and workshops attended by our Teachers, our Principal, and our Vice Director for the past month.


We routinely send school representatives to various seminars, training, or workshops as part of the Teachers Development Program. With hope, all educators in our school can continuously learn and improve their knowledge and skills to always give our best for the students.  Learning is a never ending journey and with that spirit we can build deep skills and values to help our students to be noble individuals spiritually, morally, and ethically, guiding them to academic excellence, and giving them strong leadership abilities for the future.


Here are the list of seminars, training, and workshops on October:

  1. 14th to the 16th of October, our Secondary Principal, Vice Principal, and Teacher attended the “Workshop Pembinaan Satuan Pendidikan Kerjasama (SPK) Sekolah Menengah Pertama (SMP)” at Bandung. 
  2. 17th and 18th of October, our Vice Director and Secondary Principal attended the ANPS Leadership Forum for two days. 
  3. 19th of October, our Secondary Vice Principal attended “Konferensi Nasional Bahasa dan Sastra V” as a speaker at Universitas Sebelas Maret, Solo. 
  4. 25th of October, our Head of Development Class attended a seminar called “ADHD Awareness Month Seminar” at Universitas Negeri Jakarta 
  5. 26th of October, our Vice Director attended National Geographic Learning Training at Bali for two days. 
  6. 26th of October, our Primary Vice Principal and Teachers attended Star Primary Mathematics Workshop: Teaching at Fractions. 
  7. 27th of October, our R&D and Preschool Principal attended Training for Counselors: The Power Of Counselor & The Secret to Coach your Teen.
  8. 29th October, our R&D joined a seminar “Enriching Student’s Experience Through Collaborative Learning, Creative Art & Technology” in Jakarta


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