Parenting Seminar: Parenting in Digital Era

On Friday, April 26th, 2019, we held a parenting seminar entitled “Parenting in Digital Era”. The event, which was filled by Ms. Eti Mutia,, a Psychologist and Enlightening Parenting Sharing Team, ran interactively with various questions given by the audience. Our Kindergarten B students opened the event with a prayer by Jiro and Alif. Then followed by performances by Nadin, Helen, Ayeesha, Fio, and Aisy.

This Parenting Seminar is led by Mr. Sogi who at the beginning of the event was accompanied by Mrs. Arum, then continued by working with Ms. Marcelina Melisa, S.Psi., M.Psi., A Psychologist from Mutiara Edu-Sensory & Tiga Generasi as our moderator.

Thank you for our participants who came with enthusiasm for learning more about the importance and practical tips of parenting in regards to the digital era. Thanks also to several parties who have supported our event, such as, Workplay, Klik n Clean, and Rumah Nabati.
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