Secondary Math Fair

Math Fair: PI Has Been Waiting for a Long Time for this Moment
The event which started at 8 o’clock lasted approximately 4 hours and ran intensely. They started their day with Pi-reciting competition. Each class representatives has prepared themselves to win the memorizing competition for this Pi value. Like 7B grade students, they even made the values of the numbers into a song to make it easier to remember.

The competition still continued. With enthusiasm, they started the second competition which was Math Quiz Bee. They were given a certain amount of time to answer questions on the screen. The next agenda was the pi-inspired pie where they decorated a pie with Pi nuances. Each class representatives has different ingredients to produce a variety of decorations.

In addition to those competitions and decorating pies, there were also games prepared by students for visitors, such as Twister, Dart, Pi ball, and many more. The event was closed by giving certificates and trophies to the winners.

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