G1C Outing: Charity to Orphanage

Another day well spent with new friends at Yayasan Bahrul ‘Ulum. This last chapter of Primary Grade 1 Outing: Charity to Orphanage is done by Grade 1C on 29 February & still with the same theme: ‘Sharing is Caring”. After having some fun together, our students gave some items that may be useful for Yayasan Bahrul ‘Ulum, then they ended up their day by sharing how each others’ feelings about that day. One from Grade 1C and one from Yayasan Bahrul ‘Ulum. Want to know how they play games? Swipe left our post!

Hopefully, our students will have a pleasant experience in sharing, so that they can continuously apply hadith about sadaqa.

“Assholaatu nuurun wasshodaqotu burhaanun wasshobru dhiyaaun”
Sholat itu cahaya, sedekah itu petunjuk dan sabar itu sinar.

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