Lower Secondary Career Day: IT & Business in Millennials Era

On January 24, the Lower Secondary did a Career Day seminar with “IT and Business in Millennials Era.” as their theme. This seminar has been divided into two sessions with different speakers. The speaker for the first session was Mr. Muhammad Zulfahly, an Android developer at PT Badr Interactive and Chief Marketing Officer at Teman Bisnis, and the second speaker was Mrs. Irna Yugaswatie, a Certified Google Educator and Professional Trainer for Teaching with Technology.

The first session talked about how Mr. Zul started up his business. Starting from his fondness for games, he then chose to study Computer and Technology Support. During his college years, he met great people who finally made him jump into the world of “start up”. From his experience, we learned how a hobby can transform into a self profit.

After snack time, the seminar continued for the second session with Mrs. Irna Yugaswatie. They tackled about how to become an IT Programmer and how their life is. The session started by asking students to think about how to move a bottle from the table to the top of the cupboard using a programmer’s mindset. One by one the team alternately tried the task. Finally, Mrs. Irna said, “the aim was to convey that there were two important things the programmer must have, they are attentive to details and meticulousness”.

The seminar aimed to expose the students with existing careers nowadays, showing students how to start a business at young age, how to deal with success and failure, how to be a great programmer and how their life is so they can be well equipped to choose about any professions in the future.

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