Secondary G8 Field Study: READ Thailand

As a school who has Experiencing The Joy of Learning as one of 5 principles, we sent our Secondary students to connect with 6 countries during field study: Rural Empowerment & Development (READ) at Mechai Pattana Bamboo School, Thailand to learnt a lot from there. We chose READ Thailand because the program they offer this year suits to the need of Grade 8 students which is entrepreneurship and also this trip will help to boost the self confidence of the students especially about public presentations and discussions. They get connected with friends from different countries, there are Singapore, Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Thailand. They had lots of activities there, such as making writing paper using vegetables, water dynamics, making a traditional salad, communicate with cultural performance, and they are challenged to be creative and think critically. —
The main task on the program was to present a business proposal. And our students received medals for Business Plan Presentation, they are:
Gold Medal – Michelle, Rahka, Haggy
Silver Medal – Farren, Galuh, Ranaa, Ava, Malik
Bronze Medal – Fathan, Aaliyah, Gavin, Farrel, Jasmine, Rian, Reynard, Sultan, Egan.
Thank you for your confident to face the challenges, guys! You are light years ahead.

After this program, our Secondary Principal, Ms. Dea, hoping that they can be more confident to express their ideas, learn how to lead, think globally and continue making friends with international community.

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