Secondary G12 Internship

Our Grade 12 students did Internship Program for a week on December in different places according to their interest & passion. The goal of this program is to introduce them with worklife experience and with a hope that they will be more determined of what they want to choose when they graduate.

Nadira completed her internship at MINT Design Studio as she wants to be an Interior Designer, she learn from the basic, Scatch Up, also perspective drawing. Rezy, who has a dream to become a police officer, did an internship at North Maluku POLDA, he worked in Drugs division, helping with the database and he even had talk with prissoners. Then there is Windi who has a passion in medical, has the opportunity to do an internship at Bonvita Beauty Care Clinic where he can see firsthand process of treatment, helping with the customer database, and understand how some equipment functions.

After completion of their internship program, the three of them become more interest of the field they chosen. Now, they have experience of a lifetime and know more or less how the knowledge & skill will be applied, also how is the work atmosphere.

Nadira (1) Nadira (2) Rezy (1) Windi (1) Rezy (2)Windi (2)

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