Primary Grade 1A Outing: Charity to Orphanage

Primary Grade 1 Outing this time is filled with Charity to Orphanage called Yayasan Bahrul ‘Ulum with the theme ‘Sharing is Caring’. Outing is divided into 3 parts, start with Grade 1A on 24 January.

They do a lot of fun things together with big brother and sister (since most of them are Junior High students), play games, questions and answer about Islamic studies (and we gave a gifts for those who answer correctly the most), room tour, share each other’s activities. They found that children at Orphanage always get up at 3 o’clock, to pray and recite, then they need to wash their clothes, take a shower, and eat breakfast before go to school. This can motivate children to get up early with positive spirit.

Swipe left to see how our student prepared items to give to the Orphans. There are stationeries, prayer equipments, notebooks, story books, iqra ‘, sport equipment, snacks etc. It may not big things, but we hope it can be useful for them.

Hopefully students will have a pleasant experience in sharing, so that they can continuously apply hadith about sadaqa.

“Assholaatu nuurun wasshodaqotu burhaanun wasshobru dhiyaaun”
Sholat itu cahaya, sedekah itu petunjuk dan sabar itu sinar.

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