Parenting Seminar

Alhamdulillah, on Thursday, November 29, we have successfully pursued a Parenting Seminar entitled “Important Elements in Improving the Ability of Parents” at our Mini Theater. The event which lasted for more than 3 hours was complemented by sharing from Mrs. Della, Mrs. Ui Birowo, and also with interesting questions from the Parents who came.

“If I am valued because I always met these high standards, does that mean I am worthless if I fail?”

One of the seminar discussions yesterday was about praise, Mrs. Della said, there are two important things that we need to noted about praise, we need to use the right sentences means that “when” we use it and “how” we use it, such as “you’ve worked hard this semester and it’s a good thing.”, “I like the way you choose colour for your drawing.” Actually these sentences can be applied also between teachers and students too. Hopefully the results of yesterday’s parenting seminar can be used positively for all of us.

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