MHIS Secondary Youth Seminar

e45cdfa6-86e3-469f-8f86-21cfef1b8aacThe Mutiara Harapan Islamic School Secondary department held a youth seminar about, “Improving Critical Thinking Skills” and it was presented by Sayed Hyder Ali as CEO of Millenia 21st Century Academy. The seminar talked about sharing and filtering information in social media, giving awareness about the UU ITE (social media law), ethics in social media, how to utilize technology efficiently and wisely and lastly, it talked about how critical thinking must be stimulated to students.

The Youth Seminar went great and successful. All of the students paid attention, excited and even participated all of the activities enthusiastically. The Seminar provided insights and knowledge that are beneficial not only to students but also to teachers.

The content of the seminar itself is very relevant for the students as young generation to anticipate the Information Technology era. With the vast information from the social media, students have to be able to filter the information. The speaker encouraged the students to think more about information they receive, not only directly believe and without checking the truth, just share and forward to the others. They have to use the “THINK” principle, which is the abbreviation of “True, Helpful, Important, Necessary, Kind” when they want to share something on social media.

We cannot deny that fact that technology is an essential part of our lives in this era, that is why we must be very critical on how to filter, use and apply its advantages and disadvantages.

Adit, a student of grade 11 gave his impression about Youth seminar, he said “Amazing, the speaker was great and not boring. I learned that we need to think and filter when we receive and share information.”

At the last session, students had reflective writing session with their homeroom teacher. This session is aimed to assess their response and understanding about the material of the seminar.

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