MHIS Islamic Fair

On the 14th of September 2018, Mutiara Harapan Islamic School successfully held a big event which is the Islamic Fair. The celebration started on last Tuesday, 1st Muharram 1440 Hijriah by having du’a together and lesson delivered by Ustadz Gus Arifin.

Throughout the week, the preschool students learn the Islamic subject everyday. Starting from Dhuha prayer, Zikr akbar and end year & beginning year dua, Muraja’ah, BTQ, learning the story of hijrah, Prophet Nooh and the big flood, Prophet Yunes and the big fish.

On the last day, the school invited parents to join and watch the performance. PG class recited surah An-Naas and sang hijaiyah letter and Aku Sayang Allah. KG A class recited surah Al-Falaq and sang 25 Prophet song. KG B1 recited surah An-Nashr and sang Allah turunkan hujan (Nasyid). KG B2 recited surah Al-Fiil and sang Bismillah Alhamdulillah song.

Primary students also prepared various entertaining yet educational performances. All students from Grade 1 until 6 performed beautifully in front of all the parents and teachers as well fellow students. They also had some booths to showcase their artworks.

For secondary students, they prepared their project related to their Islamic studies since first week of August. They demonstrated their creativity and imagination by making dioramas of some Islamic stories, calligraphy of some ayah related with modesty, optimism, storyboard of ukhuwah islamiyah, and designing of dakwah on tote bags.

Thus, this program also touched some significant topics which are beneficial to the spiritual development of the students. It tackled halal food, where students provide visual and real examples of that topic. Modesty and simplicity of living had been presented too where students explained the essence of living simply and being modest. Nevertheless, Kisas law had been displayed also. Students clarified and explicate that kind of law to muslims.

Thanks to all parents who had made their time to come and witness the students’ project presentation. Your presence means a lot for the children.

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