Preschool Coffee Morning: Nap Time and Quite Time Program

df59df46-956b-4d62-99fd-0a6f80ad511bOn a bright Monday morning, 27 August, 2018, the parents of preschool students came to school to attend Preschool Coffee Morning. On this informal event, Mr. Allan and Ms. Nuki explain about our new program that we called Nap Time and Quiet Time program. The pilot project will start on Wednesday, 19 September, 2018. On this trial period, the program will be ran once in a week which is on Wednesday. On the second (2nd) semester, the program will be ran fully for 5 days a week.

The aim of nap time is to  develop students routine and make it balance between active time and resting time. Nap time also give several advantages such as helping with your child’s emotional development and learning. It will also means better night time sleep for the children.

While the advantages of quiet time are to build confidence, independence, increase the children’s creativity, focus and attention. Parents were giving positive responds to this program. Make sure that you already register for this program, don’t miss it. Sweet dreams…

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