MHIS Community Service: Mass Circumcision


Circumcisions are a huge tradition for the Muslim. Considered as a rite of passage, parents would send their boys to clinics to do circumcision as a religious custom and a ritual to cleanliness. Blissfully, Mutiara Harapan Islamic School, hosted the circumcision ceremony on May 12, 2018 for the surrounding community. This event was in cooperated between MHIS and Medical Faculty of Indonesia University. Also, supported by DKM Jami Muhyidin and Ittihada of MHIS.

Around 35 boys and their parents had come to school in the morning, where they were served with a light breakfast. Normally, boys waiting to be circumcised would be anxious and worried, some even cry as they wait alongside their parents for their turn to enter the operating theatre. However, in contrast, the atmosphere at the MHIS was a very vibrant and cheerful one, as the boys were seen having fun and playing around before the circumcision took place. As the committee called the boys’ names one by one, those who were waiting for their turn can be seen either watching cartoons, playing games with their friends and siblings, or just patiently waiting with their parents.


Interestingly, though majority of the patients are Muslims, there were also attended to non-Muslim patients as well. It was our second time organising this mass circumcision event and It was successful. We would definitely love to organise it again next time, inshaallah.
The circumcision event ended around noon, and the boys can be seen leaving the operating room with their parents looking pleased with their successful surgeries which marks their journey into adulthood. After all, circumcision is an once-in-a-lifetime experience which will be remembered for the rest of a man’s life, it is only fitting that it is commemorated in such a memorable occasion as this in MHIS. Barakallahulakuma.

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