MHIS Isra’ Mi’raj 2018

On April 12th 2018, Mutiara Harapan Islamic School celebrated Isra’ Mi’raj with the theme ‘Spiritual Night: The Journey’. The day was filled with various Islamic activities. The students were divided into two groups. The preschool and lower level primary students joined together in the MPA. While the upper level primary and secondary students were gathered in Masjid Jami Muhyiddin Lio.

e8fc061a-5ac5-4950-8f2d-48d569377d1fThe preschool and lower level primary students started their activities with muraja’ah which was led by Ms. Ainun. After that, they prayed dhuha and had a prayer simulation led by Mr. Sam. As for the Playgroup and KG A Class, the simulation was led by Ms. Nira. After it was done, all of the students gathered in the mini theater to watch a movie about Isra’ Mi’raj.

As for the upper level primary and secondary students, they also started with praying dhuha. They also did a prayer simulation which was led by an ustadz. All of the students also gave their money for charity. Oh, what a fruitful day!

For more photos, you can go to our Facebook : Isra’ Mi’raj 2018

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