WTC 2018: Creating 21st Century Skill in Teaching

As a teacher in global era, having 21st century skill for teaching is a must. Because, if teachers want to succeed in teaching, they have to move old method on (known as by lecturing students) with learning by doing and experiencing the joy of learning. Therefore, Mutiara Harapan Islamic School (MHIS) in March 24th, 2018 conducted workshop of Teachers Community (WTC).


That event was followed by 45 teachers as participants from public and private schools around Pondok Aren, South Tangerang. There were 4 main topics that MHIS concerned, they were TUNING IN, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), Learning with QR Code Scavenger Hunt, and Basic Art Elements and 3R Artwork. In one of the sessions with the topic of Learning with QR Code Scavenger Hunt, Mr. Sam and Ms. Ainun as trainers introduced how teachers in global era utilized QR Code to encourage students curiosity.


Participants were really excited about it. Because they have not used that method before. That workshop was actually a second year at MHIS. Because MHIS is committed to be an institution that contribute to the betterment of the neighbourhood, the society, the nation and the world at large. See you on third WTC in 2019.

For more photos, you can go to our Facebook : Workshop of Teachers Community 2018

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