Preschool Student-Parents Project

Student parents project 2As we might know that a person’s life successes, health and emotional well being have their roots in early childhood hence we would like to implement a project that we hope it will bring back the warmth and happiness within a family. With the theme “Super Family”, we do hope that both children and their parents or their family will have one memorable day where they can show their talents or creativity to others and hopefully it will give positive impact for both children and parents onward. We also expect all participants will get positive energy and inspire others.

Student – Parents Project – SUPER FAMILY “Be Your Kid’s Biggest Fan” was held on Wednesday – Thursday, 29-30 November 2017. Through this project, team will conduct a project with two kinds of activity; performance and exhibition. The important thing in Super Family is Super Parents will always raise their awareness towards important role in building their Super Kids development and being their kids’ biggest fans.

Student parents project 3There are two kinds of projects, Exhibition and Performance (include Science Experiment). Exhibition & Science Experiment took place in Backyard Stage and Teacher’s Cafeteria. Performance took place in Mini Theater. We chose 2 judges for exhibition, 2 judges for science experiment and 2 judges for performance. There were 3 winners and 3 favorites for both category: Exhibition and Performance. For favorite winners, they were chosen by voting. Each parent was given a coin to vote their favorite display exhibition and performance. The list of winners were the followings:


1st winner        : Rayhan (KGB)

2nd winner       : Fauzan (KGB)

3rd winner        : Arjuna (KGB)

1st favorite       : Ayeesha (KGA)

2nd favorite      : Alvaro (KGA)

3rd favorite      : Helen (KGA)


Performance (inc. Science Experiment)

1st winner        : Myesha (KGB)

2nd winner       : Alena (KGB)

3rd winner       : Ira (PG)

1st favorite       : Rayyan A. (KGA)

2nd favorite      : Dhia (PG)

3rd favorite      : Alisha (KGA)

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