ANPS 2017

Mutiara Harapan in its noble missions declared that an institution is beyond than just transmitting academic knowledge and skills, but also an institution that contributes to the society. This understanding is because a school and its society are interdependence components that is important for a balance world; in the other words, school’s action more or less will influence and inspire the society. For this responsibility, Mutiara Harapan cooperate and collaborate on national and international levels to spread, raise awareness and challenge its beliefs what great education is about.

ANPS 1Mutiara Harapan also captures a demanding-trend in the future to strengthen teachers’ commitment and methodological competence to meet 21 st century challenges and gears towards sustainable enhancement of the value of teaching through a center of competence. Here, at Mutiara Harapan, teachers are encouraged to keep on learning and improving as a community and vigorously share the
experience as a process to learn further. Starting from an internal sharing sessions, training, and workshops, teachers are now ready to bring about to society where they are actually belong.

Facilitated by ANPS, 6 Mutiara Harapan teachers under these school’s missions spirit, bid to share their expertise and insight through an Innovative School Program (ISP)for 80 respective teachers from all over Jakarta. With the tagline is preparing students with 4Cs to face the 21st century, all teachers stimulated to learn together how to create a meaningful, joyful and inquiring instruction. Four big themes were in this program: how to bridge students to the inquirer learning environment through “tuning-in” process; guiding teachers how to create a meaningful 5E inquiry learning process; dealing and creating a differentiated learning instruction; and promoting students’ interest to reproduce recycle materials to become more valuable products.
This challenge has been done successfully in a good team work, which consists Ms Sari, Mr Jamal, Mr Handy, Ms Dea, Ms Tanti and Mr Sam; and Mutiara Harapan is now still working on nurturing and upbringing other individuals so more and more teachers are responsible and ready to take action to their society.

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