IMG_0326  On March 23rd 2017, Secondary of Mutiara Harapan Islamic School held its first University Fair event. MH University Fair 2017 was a half-day educational expo for Mutiara Harapan (MH) secondary students and parents who are seeking information for their further education level in various overseas and local institutions.

There were 5 universities and 1 institution joining this event: University of British Columbia which was represented by Mrs. Linda Bong as our Keynote Speaker, University of Queensland, Bogor Agricultural Institute, Indonesia International Institute of Life Sciences, Podomoro University and SUN Education Group.

We started this event by a talk show with Mrs. Ina Liem from She presented about “Majors of Future” which was very useful for our students and parents. provides information on university majors, career map, and employment trend. They prepare young generation to face the 21st Century challenges, by choosing the right hard skills and giving training on 21st Century skills. Then, continued by presentation from the universities and institution. Besides presenting their programs, they also offered scholarships for our students with some requirements.

Alhamdulillah the event was running smoothly. Thanks to all parents and students who have enthusiastically participated in this event. Hopefully it can bring benefit for you to plan your study.

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