Supporting Department


  • School Website

The school website provides comprehensive and in depth information about the school facilities and the programs being followed. In addition, the website offers an opportunity for prospective students and their parents to find out about the curriculum and syllabus being implemented. Through this website, guests can find relevant information and students can access student portal where they find resources which help them in their studies. Not only this, the website is full of the latest photos and videos of recent events held at the school. Please visit for complete details.

  • Student Portal

The portal provides effective paperless communication between school, parents and students. This system encourage students to learn independently. E-Learning compliments the teacher’s teaching methodology. Homework may also be given via e- learning portal.

  • Research and Development Division

This department is responsible for providing educational resources for the teachers and the students. It serves to evaluate the trends and development of the educational system and works to modify and improve teaching resources. This section is also in charge of analyzing students’ results and advising the management and teachers on the use of contemporary, effective teaching materials and aids.

  • International Relations Division

In an ever changing world where nations are coming closer together through the advancement of technology, we should prepare ourselves and especially the next generation to be key contributors in globalization era.

To anticipate and respond to this dynamic challenge, the school not only aim for the students to be actively using English as the language of learning but also to understand, respect customs and cultures of English speaking nations. We believe that through interactions with the international community, it can inspire and broaden the knowledge and understanding as part of the global citizen. That is the drive behind our active approach of immersion program. The program includes activities with international organization, foreign students, home stay program and cooperation with schools from abroad. We aim to ensure continuous immersion programs both for students and teachers.