sumpah pemuda secondary

The Youth Pledge Day oath celebration was successful. The youth rejoiced to welcome the youth oath celebration including the students of Mutiara Harapan Islamic School Secondary. On this youth day, the students were celebrating with various events.

One of the event was requiring the students to wear traditional clothes from various regions in Indonesia. In addition, students displayed their talents in poetry reading contests, poetry writing, dancing and singing regional songs as well as drawing sketches of Indonesian heroes.

The students were so enthusiastic to commemorate the youth day oath, it uplifted spirit of the Youth to uphold and preserve unity in Indonesia.

sumpah pemuda secondary 2The students expressed it through the poems they had written and some poems they read poetically. Not only that, the students also expressed it through traditional dances and songs. Cohesiveness and harmony became a matter of pride.

The pride of the Indonesian heroes and youth fighters, they scratched it through the painting sketch contest.

May the spirit of unity always stands firm in the hearts of the students of Mutiara Harapan Islamic School so that it becomes the successor and unifier of the Indonesian nation.

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