On 10th May 2017, Mutiara Harapan Islamic School held its Science Week in both Primary and Secondary level. The theme for this year’s Science Week is “Change”. The secondary level focused on “Environmental Changes”. By this theme, our best hope is that secondary students could be more aware with what is happening in their surroundings and able to find the best solutions for any negative changes that is happening in our earth. There were 2 activities conducted namely photo competition and recycled artwork competition. All students joined these two activities. In the photo competition, students were given 4 days before 10th of May 2017 to find the objects to be captured which connects about the theme “changes” and sent their photo to their science teacher. All photos were judged by one of the teachers who is capable and knowledgeable enough in photography. For recycled artworks competition, this is about how to make unique pieces of art or any useful things by thinking outside of the “box”. Each eco-friendly recycled art project can be made with materials found around the house, or items that are usually thrown away. Plastic bottles, plastic or paper cups, plastic straws or newspaper can all turn into works of art with a little effort and imagination. The possibilities are endless! A great idea for recycled artworks help protect the environment!


For more photos visit on our Facebook : Secondary Science Week

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