MHX 2On 2nd – 3rd November 2017, Mutiara Harapan Student Union (MHSU) successfully attempted to host their 2nd external competition, MHX 2.0. MHSU invited other secondary schools in the area to compete in various fields such as basketball, speech, tahfidz and solo guitar, as well as organizing the event. Above all, this external competition turned out remarkable because this was our first successful external event.

Preparation started from August. Free time was spent helping out on the provision of the event. Everyone pitched in and did what they could to lend a hand, while balancing exams, projects and other activities out of school. The Student Union used their teamwork and dedication to finish the job.

The school was excited to hear that the targeted schools had accepted their invitations and were headed our way. Amalina, Fitrah Islamic World Academy, Amelia, Sekolah Tunas Indonesia, SMP Negeri 14 Tangsel, Labschool Madinah, Budi  Mulia Dua Bintaro, Al-Hamidiyah and Auliya willingly agreed to join us for the event.

MHSU also established a bond between the school and other corporations such as Le Minerale, Kiyora, The Sister’s Pantry, Bank Woori Saudara, Ittihada and International Language Programs (ILP) which sponsored MHX. In this opportunity, we would like to thank the support given to us.

Mutiara Harapan Islamic School managed to achieve 2nd and 3rd place in the speech contest and 3rd place in solo guitar. The students awarded were Tiara Nafisa Ash-Shafiya (G9), Alisha Prawiranegara (G8) and Fathan Harith Athallah Saleh (G7).

Overall this event taught us to work as a team, to manage our time wisely between academic activities and organizing this event.

Here are the lists of winners in MHX 2.0:

  • Speech Competition

First winner: Rozan Dzaky Johansyah

Second winner: Tiara Nafisa Ash-Shafiya

Third winner: Alisha Chandra Prawiranegara

  • Tahfidz Competition

First winner: Raden Muhammad Faiz Rahmat N.

Second winner: Zidane Musyafa R. P.

Third winner: Fatturahman Farid

  • Solo Guitar Competition

First winner: Putra Rama Febrian

Second winner: Maylano Bachrul Alam

Third winner: Fathan Harith Athallah Saleh

  • Basketball Competition

First winner: Sekolah Tunas Indonesia

Second winner: Fitrah Islamic World Academy

Third winner: Al-Hamidiyah

For more photos, you can go to our Facebook : MHX 2.0

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