On the second day, the morning call was at 3:30 A.M. for qiyamullail. It was continued with the reading of Quran and Shubuh prayer. After that, students were given a small portion of breakfast (thanks to Ittihada for providing this breakfast) and they directly went out for the survival trails.

The survival trail consisted of three posts, wherein students were challenged to do something and must overcome the tasks regarding of their physical capacities and mental endurance. Group cooperation and unity among the members was needed to pass the obstacles in every post.


We concluded this program by having a Public Speaking Seminar with Indra Bekti. It was really entertaining and beneficial for the students, since the speaker had shared his knowledge and experience in an interesting way. In this public speaking seminar, we also found out which students have the potentials to become public speakers.

A student said, “It helps us to bond with other members and know how to deal with different personalities. It trains us how to handle time management and be skillful. This program was indeed a benignant training to us, the Millennials.”

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