On November 9th – 10th, the Secondary department of MHIS held a life skills program which is an annual program of secondary department. It is compulsory for all secondary students. The students were divided into different groups; boys and girls were separated. This program strictly prohibited students to bring stuff which are not in the guide list and allowed them to bring things which are intended for them to bring. Thus, students must learn to survive and sharpen their skills to surpass all the challenges being set up by the teachers.

On the first day, we thoroughly checked all their bags and equipment needed for this program and then gave them some exciting games. The games taught them how to trust their leader and how to work together as a team and continued with basic knot tying training. In this latter session, students learned three types of knots which are very useful during emergency situation, they are as follows; square knot, slip knot and handcuff knot.

In the afternoon, students learned and practiced applying some first aid skills. They learned how to respond in case someone fainted, drowned, and had burns or nosebleed. They also did a simulation if somebody gets cramped and how to carry a person who fainted properly.


To prepare dinner, they were given a riddle which they had to solve and figure out what they were going to cook. After they solved the riddle in group, some members went to the market and bought all the ingredients needed for cooking. Each group was given a certain amount of money depending on the number of their group members. Meanwhile, the rest of the group were cooking rice assisted by the teachers. Each group cooked rice, soup, tempe, scrambled eggs and meatball for their dinner. In addition, cooking is always an amazing part for students because most of them are not really used to it.

At night, students did a treasure hunt using morse code prepared by the teachers and had group performances or presentations. We ended the activity by doing a reflection (muhasabah) session. We found out this session was good for students to reflect and internalize how blessed they are in life and loving their parents is the best gift they can offer.

For more photos, you can go to our Facebook : Secondary life skills program

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