The Secondary Department organized the annual Mutiara Harapan Student Union Regeneration and Leadership Camp last week from 26th to 29th of March, 2018. Secondary students learned about the importance of joining organizations starting at an early age from our guest speaker, Bu Sekar HR Manager of Cisco Indonesia.

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-03 at 15.56.59The newly elected MHSU officers had a seminar about how to organize events and they also had a sharing session with the outgoing MHSU officers, which was headed by  Bu Virda. They also had an insightful workshop about understanding their personal power and leadership skills, facilitated by our motivational speaker, Mr. Dony Indrawan.

Students also learned about developing good habits and the formula for success. Lastly, the students had fun with the team play activities which taught them the importance of good communication and teamwork.

For more photos, you can go to our Facebook : Secondary Leadership Camp 2018

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