IMG-20170320-WA0010-editFestival dan Lomba Seni Siswa Nasional or FLS2N is the program that held by the diknas every year. The aim of this program is to improve students’ art skills and literature in Bahasa and English. From Gugus 02 Kota Tangerang Selatan, around 27 schools were joined this competition include our school. Some of secondary students have joined some competitions, such as MTQ, making and poetry recitation, poster design, storytelling, painting, short story writing, etc. On last Saturday morning at 7 AM, we were going to Nusa Indah School to do the competitions. Even though, it was raining but didn’t make our students’ spirit lost. Actually, the important things are how they can learn from this competition and how they improve their confidence to perform in front of many people.
After pray dzuhur and after 90 minutes waiting for the judges. Alhamdulillah, we got two trophies. One trophy from MTQ (Rafi Raditya Kurniawan G8) as the third winner and another one from short story writing as the second winner (Tiara Nafisya Ash-Shafiya G8). Congratulations!
Teachers and students should prepare better for next year!

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