IMG_1385-Couple weeks ago, February 7th 2017. Secondary level of Mutiara Harapan held a gadget seminar. The theme of this seminar was “Great Gadget for Great Future”. We conduct this seminar because we all know that today’s generation live so close with technology, especially in gadget development. The aim of this seminar was to make our students more aware, how to use their gadget wisely and let them know some bad effects of being addicted with gadget itself.
The speaker of this seminar was Ms. Mia Tri Apriani. She was a bachelor of psychology and now taking her magister of clinic psychology in Padjajaran University. She was very interactive with all students, not only for delivered materials but also did sharing session. This seminar took around 3 hours, first two hours were use to delivering some materials and sharing session, this session was close by having a tweeting competition; students were ask to tweet or post something positive relate to the seminar and would be judge after break. Then the last 1 hour was use to do some hands-on activities, such as: making action plan and downloading some useful application for helping the students to study.
Overall, this activity run very smoothly. All students know, the bad effects of being addictive to their gadget and hopefully they can change their habit.

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