20170213_150455The eight graders have done a field study in Singapore on February, 13th – 15th 2017. This 3 day visitation is established annually. There are learning objectives integrated with the whole itinerary, targeting experiential learning to come in front. Besides, within a tight schedule, students are expected to also prepare the report to be presented post-event.
Although this country is known to be a high-cost country, we visited places that will deliver idea of how they managed to be at the state. Ranging from several city tours, explanation-packed hydroponic study, ended by a historical place, pupils are ought to conclude this memorable visit on a travel writing as well.
Accompanied by parents, students gathered at Soekarno-Hatta Airport to have a final check of the belongings. Even though we experienced a mistake of overall preparations, we learned that being in a time when we hope that we will begin and end the journey, no less a single thing. Moreover, when one of us got tired of walking, we managed to support each other.
There were many places that are remarks of Singapore. Reached to Indonesian Embassy in Singapore, Ibu Aisyah as the head of Education and Culture Attache presented how essential how essential a pride to be an Indonesian is, along with the capacity improvement. She also brought us to a showroom, a room deploys original and exported products from Indonesia to Singapore.
In fact, how native Singaporeans created things behind bars under the Japan occupation could be one of proves how innovative this society is.

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