Secondary English Day 2018

9681ffae-fd1b-4f19-84b3-285e81633702On February 21st 2018 the Secondary department of MHIS had prepared myriad activities in celebrating its “English Day” with the theme “Voices of the Future”. This program’s sole aim is to promote English language to all students as a medium of communication and encourage all students to speak English throughout the day and even beyond the program. Thus, this program also aims to measure and gauge students’ knowledge and skills about English language as they will compete each other on different games and contests.

Since the program had started until its end, Secondary students had shown avidity and vigor in participating all of the activities. The programs were full of thrill, excitement and amusement. It was an opportunity to appraise students’ abilities in dealing pressure and challenges. It was a great moment to witness students’ cooperation and bond strengthened to achieve something. It was a pageant of students’ leadership and capabilities as they pass through a process of rigid competitions.

Here are the winners of the said competitions:

Puppet Story Telling: 1st – Rafi G9, 2nd-Abrar G9, 3rd – Vary G8, 4th – Farras G9, 5th – Ava G7cd65f6ed-a100-4c7b-97ab-a17ee162a48b

Poster Making Contest -1st – Alyah and Tiara G8, 2nd – Tiara G9, 3rd – Shakira Nadira, 4th – Arsa G9, 5th – Farren and Jasmine G7

Poem Presentation: 1st – Saqila G9, 2nd – Chantik G9, 3rd – Diaz G9, 4th – Meivy G8, 5th – Farrel G8

Speech: 1st – Erza G9, 2nd – Zidan G10, 3rd – Farel G8, 4th – Safa G9, 5th – Alisha G8

Spelling Bee Junior Division: 1st – Naia, 2nd – Ranaa, 3rd – Michelle

Spelling Bee Senior Division: 1st – Fia, 2nd – Kaila, 3rd – Athif

Spelling Bee Grand Champion: Fia G9.

Congratulations to all MHIS Secondary students and teachers especially to the winners who had made outstanding achievements in this event. See you again in the next English Day.

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