One goal intended for our secondary students is to give them an overview of what career will they pursue and how is decision making affects such goals. In relation to this, we held the ‘Career Day’ on 5th May 2017. We were able to invite Mr. Ahmad Fuady and Mr Dony Indrawan to be the speakers on this event. This gives at least a simple orientation for them before becoming young professionals.
Mr. Ahmad Fuady is the author of a trilogy novel: “Negeri 5 Menara”, “Ranah 3 Warna” and “Rantau 1 Muara”. During his presentation, he inspires our students by sharing his journey of becoming a successful writer and entrepreneur. Writing has brought him to travel around 40 countries. He is usually invited to be a speaker in seminars, studies and others. He even quoted, “A word is sharper than a bullet”. This belief had inspired him to be one of the best writers in the country. Nowadays, being a writer could be related to some other professions such as movie making, song writing and musical arranging, etc.
In the second session, Mr. Dony Indrawan, who is a psychologist delivered a short seminar about “The simple rule to make decision”. This is very useful for the students’ to be oriented in decision-making. He added that in order to make decisions, we need to have reasons, know the reasons why and handle properly the consequences. Decisions have to be made by themselves because they need to learn how to make their life enjoyable and meaningful.
We are hopeful that this enlightenment will help students come up with proper decisions in their life. It was very beneficial for everyone listening to such speakers.

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