The Special Region of Jogjakarta is rich with its cultural values; from traditional dance, batik, and exquisite temples of Hindu and Buddha. For that reason, this year’s Grade 6 Getaway chose Jogja as our destination. The students explored its historical journey, had an adventure in its natural destination and even visited the local school to teach the younger students a little bit of what they have learnt at school.IMG_20171114_105602_845

Day 1
We gathered in the airport as early as 3.30 a.m. to catch the 5.40 a.m. flight. As soon as
we arrived in Jogja, we immediately hit Soto Kadipiro for a refreshing breakfast. Next, we
continued the trip to Keraton Jogjakarta to introduce the students to Jogja’s royal family. We walked a near distance to Kauman Mosque to pray Zuhr there and the tour guide explained about the Islamic history. After that, we headed to Gumuk Pasir Parangtritis to have a little fun with the sand. Lastly, we witnessed a dance performance that depicted the ancient mythology of Ramayana.

Day 2
The morning started quite easy with the trip to Ullen Sentalu Museum. We explored
maze-like rooms that holds paintings and pictures of Jogja’s royal family. From the museum, line of jeeps picked us up and off we went to Merapi Lava Tour. After a bumpy and wet journey around the mountain, we head down again to De’Mata Trickeye Museum. We took lots of fun pictures with 3D background.


Day 3
The Air Force Academy was our first destination. The soldiers welcomed us and
explained about the Academy and gave tour around the facilities in our bus. After that, we
plunged into the water (using pool tubes, of course) in Pindul Cave and onto Oyo River. After washing off, we headed to Malioboro, specifically Batik Mirota and shop accessories and batik.

Day 4
After checking out from the hotel, we headed to SDN Sumber 1 Brebah. Our students
shared their knowledge with the younger students there. We also donated some English
storybooks so the students there can continue learning. Lastly, we bought Bakpia to be brought to Jakarta. Then we waved goodbye to Jogja before we board the airplane and flew back to Jakarta.

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