To celebrate Hari Kartini, Preschool Mutiara Harapan Islamic School held Global Cultural Days. We held it from 19 – 21 April 2017 and for this time we decided to choose Thailand, Korea, Saudy Arabia , China and Japan cultures to explore.

Day 1,
On the first day, children were learn about map, flag, language, traditional music & dance, also iconic monument.
we also had a guest coming Mrs. Nanayo from Japan that not only share about Japanese language but also how to create origami handy craft. all children were very excited with the activities.

Day 2
Let’s cooking with mom…!!
Each classroom were cook some traditional food from each countries that they choose. from Thailand we cooked Thai Casava, from Saudy Arabia was Nasi Kabsa, From Korea were Ice Bubble tea & Samyang, from Japan was Tsukune and from China was Capcay and Pao. Children were cook together with some moms who came and lead the cooking activities…yum..yum..yum..
After cooking children were visit to the other classrooms to learn about other country’s cultures.

Day 3,
We started the day by gathered together at the soccer field to attend the Opening Ceremony that lead by our Academic Vice Director , Mr. Allan Schneitz. After that we started the children performance. All children were enjoy and participate on the performance. Parents were very enthusiastic watching the performance.
Can not wait to see next year performances…

For more photos visit our Album on Facebook : Preschool Global Cultural Day

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