Playgroup’s Fruitful Class Trip

Fruits are good for our health. Where can we  buy fruits? One of the places that sells fruits is the supermarket. That’s why on February 27th 2018, Playgroup class went on a class trip to a supermarket nearby to buy various fruits. Besides introducing different kinds of fruits, the purpose of this activity is to introduce buying process to the students.

Each of the students were given a paper with different pictures of fruits. They had to IMG_6111identify the fruits, find it, put it in a plastic bag, and weigh it. The fruits to find were banana, apple, orange, pear, dragon fruit, starfruit, and watermelon. The students were so excited as their little eyes roamed around the fruit section. After that, the teachers took them for a walk through the supermarket.

Finally it’s time to go to the cashier. They lined up one by one as they waited for their turn to experience the buying process hands on. They gave the goods to the cashier. When the cashier summed up the total of their spending, they gave their Rp 20.000,00 they brought from home. They received the change and a plastic bag with fruits in it. Wasn’t that fun, kids? Healthy shopping habits starts early!

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