Early childhood is a crucial stage of life in terms of a child’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social development. Child’s education begins in the family, the immediate neighbourhood and school. Therefore, growth of mental, spiritual and physical abilities progress at an outstanding rate and a very high proportion of learning that take place from birth to age six. It is a time when children particularly need high quality of personal care and learning experiences.

Preschool is the first step in the formal education of your child. At Mutiara Harapan Islamic School, we strive to provide a high quality Preschool educational program for all children. with the aim of enabling our students to develop as rounded individuals be it in the circular world as well as the religion world of Islam, have a strong Islamic faith, to be broad minded, have good behaviour, skilful, creative and independent students who can thrive in an increasingly complex and uncertain world.

The true understanding, motivation about and practice of Islamic guidelines are inculcated in the students by well – versed and modern ‘early childhood oriented’ teachers. The Character, Courage and Confidence of the students are strengthened in their personality trait and coaxingly.

Our core focus is delivering high quality academic programs in aspect of education and also the aspect of spiritual that will enable students to achieve their intellectual potential and have greater choice in their lives beyond school, including access to the international level of education. As the challenges of the world become more complex, our school aims to equip the next generation with the skills and personal qualities that will not only enable them to flourish in a challenging environment, but also equip them to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Our school provides many programs and facilities to support our early childhood education in playgroup and kindergarten, so let’s come and join us!


Early childhood children have not developed a sense of time, so preparing your child closer to the actual event will be most meaningful.  If possible, be specific about what your child will be able to do at school by explaining who are the teachers and the things they will be enjoying.  If you know the teachers’ names, share them with your child.  Also, your genuine enthusiasm and approval of school will definitely be rewarded when they finally settle in the school.

Separate anxiety is common among children. Just be consistence and prepare to be firmed with you believes. A comprehensive and customized curriculum created will emphasize on a well balanced programme focusing the holistic development of the child. At our school morning activities are important to stimulate student’s physical and mental readiness, therefore students are able to maintain their positive behaviours. We believe that;

  • Learning through play. Children are given ample opportunities to socialize with other children and take an active part in meaningful and enjoyable learning experience
  • Child-oriented rather content-oriented programmes geared towards the child’s development needs, interest and enjoyment.  This will result in the children feeling more relaxed and able to enjoy learning experiences at own pace.
  • Providing opportunities for children to develop basic learning and social skills, good habits and to acquire basic concepts and ethnic and linguistic development.
  • Helping them develop the ability to manage their learning, emphasizing both the ‘process’ as well as the ‘product’ at this stage of their development.

Our Curriculum will encompass the following aspects:

  • Religious orientation
  • Cognitive (including critical thinking learning, educational tools, educational tours)
  • Creative (drama, music appreciation, art & craft)
  • Physical development (outdoor activities, recreation)
  • Emotional development (self awareness)
  • Social development (integrated leanings)

Some of the activities being offered are as follows:

  • BTQ
  • Circle Time (reciting Du’a, shurah and hadist)
  • Qur’an time
  • Girls/Boys Talk
  • Monday Spirit
  • Flag Ceremony
  • Music & Movement
  • Games
  • Story Telling
  • Simple Creative Writing
  • Pray Dhuha


Intracurricular Program:

Activities designed to support our curriculum, therefore students will gain the exposure in every activity conducted. Some of the activities being offered are as follows:

  • Fun Cooking
  • Field study
  • Outing
  • Swimming Program
  • Special Day (Parents and students’ Project exhibitions and performances)
  • Islamic Event
  • Reading Day
  • Charity Day
  • Celebrating National and International Day
  • Student Assembly
  • Activity with Parent
  • Graduation Day


Extracurricular Program:

Activities designed to support our curriculum, therefore students will gain the exposure in every activity conducted. Some of the activities being offered are as follows:

  • Tae Kwondo
  • Futsal Club
  • Dance
  • Drawing
  • Vocal
  • Music