IMG_0480-Mutiara Harapan Student Union is one of the most important components of the school. This organization acts as a media for the students to enhance their leadership skills and teamwork by arranging their own programs to support school activities. The administrator of MHSU changes every year. During these last few months, the 16/17 administrators handed their responsibilities to their juniors. Every year, to train the new administrators, we hold a program called Leadership Camp. A few weeks before the camp, the new batch of administrators were given a responsibility to run the fundraising for the leadership camp.
The fundraising was meant for the Leadership Camp, especially to rent the transportation. For the fundraising, we sold food and drinks during break time. There were a couple of selections that we sold during this event, such as chicken popcorn, lemonade, syrup, pizza and other snacks. This was run regularly every Monday to Friday. Not only on break time, but on March 23, the school had a program called University Fair, which was exactly a day before the camp. On this day, parents were coming to attend the event, so we used this opportunity to sell our products and reach the target. During the University Fair, we provided things that were not available in our daily booth, such as pre-ordered lunch and Chatime. During this event, we not only focused on the target, we are able to get to know each other more. As a team, we must know each and every single of our team members.
After passing through busy and exhausting weeks, all of it came to an end. We finally had our Leadership Camp on March 24-March 25. The fundraising was a success as we are able to reach the target with some extra money. This event started early in the morning. It took us about 4 hours to reach the venue using a military truck. As soon as we got there, we did some small activities which included cooking, building tents, and more. At night, we had a discussion about the programs and our team itself, MHSU 17/18. This activity made us realize that there are so many things we need to improve in; communication, teamwork and leadership. From now on, we hope we can improve all of the things we had discussed and make this organization a way to enhance a lot of students’ abilities. //MHSU

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