Making Bubbles with Rainbow Bubble Snake

This December’s monthly theme is Natural Phenomenon. So, the preschoolers did simple experiments involving water on December 7th. One of the experiment was making bubble with rainbow bubble snake. To participate in this experiment, each students had to bring one piece of sock, one plastic bottle, and a raincoat.


Rainbow bubble snake is made with a plastic bottle and one piece of sock. The first thing to do is to cut the bottom of the plastic bottle. Next, cover the hole with a piece of sock. To make this experiment, we also need a mixture of soap and water.

All you have to do is dip the bottom of the plastic bottle that has been covered with a sock into the mixture. After that, take off the bottle cap and blow. The bubbles will come out at the other end of the bottle. Feel free to to try this at home. Don’t forget to wear your raincoat so you won’t get wet!

For more photos, you can go to our Facebook : Preschool’s Water Experiment

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