Having a Blast with Water Rocket!

This December’s monthly theme is Natural Phenomenon. So, the preschoolers did simple experiments involving water on December 7th. One of the experiment was called Water Rocket. To participate in this experiment, each students had to bring a raincoat. The school provided a big plastic bottle and a bicycle tire pump.

To do this experiment, first the teachers had to make a hole through the bottle cap. Then, insert the gas nozzle to the hole. After that, fill one quarter of the bottle with water and install the cap to the bottle but not too tight. Connect the pump with the gas nozzle and start pumping.


On the day of the experiment, the students helped pumping the bottle. They wore a raincoat so the didn’t get wet. The gas will create bubbles and add pressure to the inside of the bottle. Eventually the pressure will mount and the bottle will rocket to the air. Have a blast trying this at home!

For more photos, you can go to our Facebook : Preschool’s Water Experiment

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